Criteria for FairToy

Criteria for FairToy

This makes a sex toy into a FairToy: 

* Fair production conditions

The heart of FairToy. Here you will only find toys that have been manufactured under fair and social conditions for all employees. We support small manufacturers with a maximum of 20 employees, who guarantee all employees and temporary workers a minimum or subsistence hourly wage of €10 as well as paid holidays and freedom of association with trade unions. 

We are breaking out of the turbo-capitalist logic in which these basic working conditions have long since ceased to be a given. With us there are no dumping prices, no quantity discounts and no extensive stock-keeping, which make products generally more expensive and at the same time leads to the sale of leftovers. Instead, we often offer custom-made products that fulfil special wishes, but can also take time. Nearly all manufacturers belong to the community and/or are in sex-positive hands.

* Environmentally friendly production

Our sex toys are manufactured with reduced emissions. The silicone used for the dildos does not contain any softeners. All vibrators are rechargeable, we do not use resource-wasting and failure-prone battery drives. This environmental compatibility also includes a long durability: all our toys are proven and tested in function and long-term use. With us there is no sex & hop!

* Healthy materials

Healthy materials and sexual health are inseparable. For unlimited fun, all materials used are medically tested, skin-friendly and non-allergenic. Lubricants contain no silicone, no preservatives and no other additives such as glycerine, flavours and colour additives. Textiles are made of organic*wool or certified materials. All toys and articles are vegan, the only exception being leather belts. 


 * Waste avoidance with packing and dispatch

Packaging reduction starts with our delivery and ends with the packages sent out to you. Our toys are not individually wrapped in elaborate plastic bubbles. Instead, for example, our dildos are so robust that they are dishwasher-safe or can even be boiled for a short amount of time, which means you can guarantee their hygiene. Our manufacturers send us handmade individual pieces or small batches. We also use recycled packaging material and, of course, green electricity.  


* Regional production: think global, fuck local!

Our toys are produced as regionally as possible. Most of them are Made In Germany or else Made in Europe. Exceptions confirm the rule: if products are particularly innovative and unique, they may very occasionally come from overseas. We are co-founders and have been an integral part of a European, sex-positive, feminist network for 30 years. We are proud of the fact that sex toys today do not have to come either from Asian cheap production or from the USA, which was the toy pioneer for a long time.


* Gender-neutral names

We relish giving all our FairToys names that cannot be assigned to any gender so as to break up traditional role descriptions. In this way we look to expand the range of sexual possibilities into infinitely playful dimensions. 


*short, concise factual information

We focus on sexual creativity and offer hard facts: Material, length, height, width, diameter.

With this we reduce the redundant 'bestseller' rhetoric that promises orgasms from heaven, exploding waves of lust or extremely exciting stimulation caused by each and every wave, bend and curvature of a toy.