What is the reason for FairToy?

Why does FairToy exist?

Nowadays sex toys are lifestyle products with positive connotations and are meant to serve the lust of all sexes and genders this is above all a result of the women's movement. Long gone are the days of the "electric husbands" from the dirty little shop. The spread of knowledge about sexual anatomy and the focus on female* lust have arrived in the mainstream and have conquered the public space; terms like "toy" and "dildo" have gained acceptance. And an entire industry has adopted toys in "women-compatible" shapes, colours and designs. 

But this also leads to an unmanageable jungle of offers, in which profit optimization takes priority over everything else. What use is a great design if the dildo is mixed with stinking and harmful softener? How much joy does a cheap vibrator radiate if its battery quickly becomes exhausted forever? In the end, who suffers as a result of the price war that demands mass production under anything but fair working conditions? 

We want to create awareness for these issues and do things differently. Like many of our producers, we have been doing educational work for decades and deliberately support small manufacturers with high standards. It is not just about selling sexuality as a means of consumption. Knowledge about sex toys also serves to help you get to know your own body better and supports you to self-empowerment. And don't forget: Knowledge makes you sexy!