Who is beyond FairToy?

 Who is behind FairToy? 


Dr. Laura Méritt is a pioneer of the sex-positive feminist movement, a sought-after expert on sex and the pleasurable transfer of knowledge with numerous publications and one of the first sex-toy dealers in Europe. Politically & progressively she continues to work tirelessly for a positive change in erotic culture. FairToy is the latest project in her 30 years of educational enterprise in the service of the sexual well-being of all sexes and genders only the best! 

Recently we launched a label for ethical, feminist erotic films as part of the "PorYes" award founded by Laura Méritt. This label is based on a catalogue of criteria which demands nothing less than a revolution of the porn film market. Following on from this, we’ve just launched our latest catalogue of criteria to deal with fair sex toys fair for all involved, from production to their lustful use. The selection of the best products can be found here!