Hier erklären wir euch fortlaufend Begriffe, die mit Sexualitäten und Identitäten und Kulturen zusammenhängen. Schickt uns bitte auch Vorschläge, wir nehmen gern Worte auf.


they tie the breast or breasts and are usually made of a less elastic compression material, which has an even stronger effect in one or more layers. People wear them to achieve a certain outfit, to avoid unwanted attention, to do sports undisturbed or to be able to move freely in certain situations, societies or cultures. People of all identities appreciate binders, in the midst of a gender alignment they can contribute to well-being. Binders are not suitable for wearing them permanently and, above all, too tightly in the long term, which can lead to breathing and other complaints.
Binders exist as bandages or as various shirts in which the bandages are incorporated.

Harness / Strap On

A piece of equipment with straps and belts, used to control or hold in place a person, animal or object. Harnesse are made for a dildo, which the carrying person knows well fixed and with which also various sexual practices can be carried out. The belts are made of leather or vegan fabrics (rubber, jeans, synthetics, silk for flying, etc.), leg straps guarantee a better hold. A ring made of metal or rubber fixes the dildo and should be exchangeable, so that different ones can be introduced. Dildos must also have a base to be hold in the harness. There are different designs, also briefs or boxers, but there is always a ring to fix the toy or hold and strengthen the cock. 

Upper body harnesses are worn to draw attention to the chest and breasts. Chains, lines, etc. can be attached with a snap hook to the metal ring, which sits exactly on the solar plexus. Body Harnesses are fetish clothes.



Packers are cocks or applications that are packed into the pants. If desired and depending on the size, a visible dent is created. More important for most is the wearing comfort and what the consciousness does to you. FTM (FemaletoMale)- people like to wear packers, but not necessarily. You can wear or try them as an integral part of your identity or depending on the occasion or role.
Packers or "stuffers" can be socks or even penis - designed inserts. Packers are made of cheap cyberskin (a very soft, sticky mixed material that evaporates and is proven not to be healthy). Recommended are those made of medical grade silicone, which can be cast in different softness and in different skin tones. There are circumcised and uncircumcised models, with and without eggs, some can also be used for peeing (STP- Stand to Pee) or for sex (PacknPlay). There also exist prostheses which are glued on skin.